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Server-to-Server Measurement Stack

S2S (Server-to-server) API Endpoint

Server-to-Server (S2S) API endpoints are interfaces that allow servers to communicate directly with each other.

Berkay Demirbas
May 28, 2024
Server-side Page Speed Impact

Benefits of Server-side: Improved Website Page Speed to More Conversions

Current tracking systems are pushing the limits of the websites to include more and more tags that slow down the website and impact page performance. This can be tackled with server-side solutions.

Barış Gürbüzler
February 25, 2024
Hashed Hardal User ID

Anonymous User ID for each sGTM Requests

Learn how to integrate hashed User ID as custom request header variables into your Server-Side Tag Manager (sGTM).

Berkay Demirbas
February 18, 2024

First-Party vs Third-Party Cookies

Explore the essential differences between first-party and third-party cookies, their impact on user experience, and their role in the server-side tagging.

Berkay Demirbas
January 26, 2024
Privacy Sandbox

How to use Privacy Sandbox API on Chrome

Privacy Sandbox API brings new and experimental capabilities to complement and expand Chrome DevTools and facilitate the cookies and more analysis and debugging of sites in the context of Privacy Sandbox.

Berkay Demirbas
January 10, 2024
Google Ads Offline Conversion with Server-side

Google Ads Offline Conversion for server-side GTM

Learn how to implement the Google Ads Offline Conversion Tag for Google Tag Manager Server Container effortlessly.

Berkay Demirbas
December 28, 2023
Server-side Tagging Cost Optimization

Optimizing Server-Side Tagging Costs with Hardal Auto Revisions

Learn how Hardal runs algorithms to reduce and optimize server-side costs on Cloud Run and AWS.

Berkay Demirbas
December 27, 2023

Set up Meta Conversions API Gateway

You can use Hardal to build and set up your own Meta Conversions API gateway in seconds without any AWS or GCP server configuration.

Berkay Demirbas
December 3, 2023

Server-Side Event Callback Endpoint for Adjust

Ready to use Hardal server-side endpoint to callback from Adjust

Berkay Demirbas
September 30, 2023

Server-Side Streaming to BigQuery Using Hardal Gateway

Send real-time server-side data to BigQuery using Hardal Gateway with your custom domain.

Berkay Demirbas
September 17, 2023

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