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Server-Side Streaming to BigQuery Using Hardal Gateway

Send real-time server-side data to BigQuery using Hardal Gateway with your custom domain.

Berkay Demirbas
September 17, 2023
Web3 Insights

5 Key Points to Understand Users' Behavior in Web3

In this tutorial, you will learn how measure your 5 essential key points to understand your community and launch successful web3 marketing campaigns.

Mehmet Avci
May 11, 2023
Google Analytics 4 Alternative

Google Analytics 4 API Alternative

Hardal's Web2 API, which is designed to be cookieless and privacy-focused while still allowing you to create custom events and audiences, and track both server-side and client-side data.

Berkay Demirbas
May 1, 2023
Web3 Approaches

How Big Brands are Leveraging Web3 to Transform Their Operations

Discover how big brands are using Web3 to transform their operations and enhance customer engagement in this blog post.

Mehmet Avci
May 1, 2023
UX Analytics in Web3

Maximizing Web3 Adoption with Effective UX Analytics

While improving our web3 products, we also need to keep the users in mind. Yes we do provide solutions to their needs, but do we provide them with good experience?

Mehmet Avci
February 20, 2023

Add Hardal to your Astro project with Partytown

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add Hardal to your Astro project for cookieless analytics with Partytown.

Berkay Demirbas
January 22, 2023

Cookieless Analytics in Gatsby

In this tutorial, you will learn to add Hardal to your Gatsby.js app for cookieless tracking using our official Gatsby plugin.

Berkay Demirbas
January 15, 2023
AI in Web3

AI-Driven Web3 Analytics: Insights in Cookieless World

Discover the benefits of using AI-driven cookieless web3 analytics tool Hardal to track and measure activity on decentralized applications (dApps) while respecting user privacy. Learn how real-time insights and automatic pattern identification can inform decision-making and drive better results for your web3 business.

Mehmet Avci
December 30, 2022
Cookieless Tutorial

Track Your Next.js App as Cookieless Using Hardal

In this tutorial, you will learn to add Hardal to your Next.js app for cookieless tracking.

Berkay Demirbas
December 18, 2022
Web3 Marketing

Converting Web3 Users Into Clients

Essential tips for web3 marketers by using a new-gen, privacy-focused web analytics platforms.

Baris Gurbuzler
December 12, 2022

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