Server-side Measurement

Setting up your server-side measurement environment without burnout. 🔥
Try server-side tagging for cookieless, first-party and s2s (server-to-server) data, faster website performance and more user privacy.

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hardal server-side dashboard

Best server-side tagging and measurement stacks

For your website and app, including Server-side Google Tag Manager Hosting (sGTM), Meta's Conversions API Gateway (CAPI), Adjust Event Server Callback Endpoint and Hardal API.


Meta Conversion API Gateway

Ultra fast setup to Meta's Conversion API with your custom domain.

Server-side Google Tag Manager

Deploy your own Server-side Google Tag Manager with your custom domain.

Adjust Event Server Callback Endpoint

Get your event parameter using ready to use Adjust endpoint.

Use your custom domain for Servers-side Google Tag Manager

Avoid data loss caused by AdBlockers to Google Analytics 4 or any Pixel tag.

Use your custom domain for Servers-side Google Tag Manager

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