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Why we are building Hardal?

This is why we started to build Hardal as web3 marketing engineering and web analytics tool. 📦

Published on November 12, 2022

Berkay Demirbas
Berkay Demirbas


Why we are building Hardal?

The essential of web2 analytics to marketing is very clear. If you can not measure your user’s behavior, you can not make any decision about your digital marketing strategies.

Marketing activities without analytics are just like this:


So, it’s important to understand your user experiences, define what they need, and then make decisions for growth.

Until today, these can be done in a way with tools such as Google Analytics, but users (us), cannot do exactly the marketing metrics we want without any secondary tools like Google Tag Manager.

Also, we are not only sometimes lucky on the backend side like CMS, infrastructure, or database. We use many technical methods and tools to measure the users.

While building Hardal, we asked this question: Can it be the same for web3 analytics?

So, we have started a privacy-first and cookieless web analytics tool which is not complex but can measure the marketing and UX behaviors of web3 users in a built-in, just like in web2 analytics.

Privacy-first Marketing

Most users on the Internet want to keep their real-life identities independent of the Internet. They may want to keep their real identities separate from ‘real-life’.

The most effective way to marketing is by analyzing and matching identity information and user behavior and accurately measuring user journeys and experiences.

However, while doing this, companies need to match these identities with real life like CRM User ID in marketing platforms and user ID from browser.

Against this problem, we allow Hardal users (usually B2B) to make this choice by giving importance to the privacy of the users and by performing IP Anonymization automatically and by default.

Cookieless Tracking 🍪

In web2 analytics, as if this complex situation is not enough, there are so many different solutions and manifests being developed for GDPR and cookieless like The Privacy Sandbox.


Because if the information is not pushed to any ad-tech platform(s), nothing may work for web3.

Google Chrome will remove third-party cookies in the near future.

Better Web3 Analytics Insights

Providing an environment where the users can create unlimited custom events and segmentations that can be used for web3 analytics measurement according to their marketing behavior without any custom JavaScript or GTM.

Basic metrics such as below that users need for Web3 marketing are built-in in Hardal.

  • Users connected sites
  • Last transactions
  • Providers
  • Current balance
  • Users Total NFTs
  • Requested wallet connections/completed
  • Platforms
  • Total Members of your community/marketplace

By using these metrics, you derive the following insights for your web3 marketing:

  • How many of your users use Metamask?
  • Do you have any BAYC users?
  • What’s the % of active wallets in ETH?
  • Do Whale users need remarketing?

Migrating web2 events with web3

Also, you can use e-commerce funnel structure in standard web2 events with Hardal for web2 standard event scheme such as:

  • add to cart
  • product view
  • purchase


Hardal also allows you to use both client-side and server-side tracking methods.

Here is the example method of how Hardal is work:

//web3 marketplace
hardal.trackEvent("Place a bid", "Bored Ape Yacht Club", "77.66", "ETH");
//Standard e-Commerce
hardal.trackEvent('Add to cart', 'Black Hat', '19.00', 'USD')`

Web3 Segmentation

Just like in web2 analytics, you can create segmentation for web3 marketing using custom event and data structures.


Here is some example for web3 segments.

  • Recent NFT Buyers
  • Connected wallet but non-active users
  • High-value users
  • Whales
  • Loyal Users
  • Passive Users


We support to send the generated web3 audience and segments to Meta Pixel and Google Ads with Hardal.

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