Server-Side Event Callback Endpoint for Adjust

Ready to use Hardal server-side endpoint to callback from Adjust

Published on September 30, 2023

Berkay Demirbas
Berkay Demirbas


One popular tool for this purpose is Adjust, a mobile attribution and analytics platform. Adjust allows you to set up event callbacks, which are HTTP requests triggered when specific events occur in your app, such as an app install or a user completing a tutorial.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use the ready-to-use Adjust event callback endpoint in a Hardal server-side gateway.

Hardal server-side endpoint enables you to easily receive advertising IDs, attribution details, app data and more directly to your servers as raw data from Adjust to helping you track user interactions and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, or merging your Adjust data with your CRM or Google Analytics 4 data in your BigQuery.

Create Callback Endpoint

  • Go to your Adjust dashboard, navigate to App View and click to Server callbacks

Go to server callback in Adjust

  • Create a new callback URL:

Create new callback URL in Adjust

Adjust Callback Placeholders Guide

This guide explains how to use the Adjust callback placeholders with your API to collect and process Adjust callback data dynamically.

Endpoint URL

We define the parameters needed for the Adjust event callback in Hardal server-side endpoint URL.

Use the following endpoint URL to collect Adjust callback data:

Query Parameters

Adjust callback parameters are included as query parameters in the URL. You can include any Adjust callback parameters you want to collect. These parameters should be passed as query parameters in the request.

  • projectId: Your Hardal project ID.
  • callback_type: The type of callback you are receiving from Adjust.
  • logging: default is false. If you enable this, you can log all data in your Hardal server-side gateway.

Example: callback_type=install

You can find all Adjust callback parameters, here.

Full Example

Callback Endpoint URL:<HARDAL_PROJECT_ID>&callback_type=adjust_session&gps_adid={gps_adid}&idfa={idfa}&tracker_name={link_name}&app_name={app_name}&activity_kind={activity_kind}&created_at={created_at}&last_session_time={last_session_time}&session_count={session_count}&lifetime_session_count={lifetime_session_count}&campaign_name={campaign_name}&os_name={os_name}&os_version={os_version}&random_user_id={random_user_id}&app_id={app_id}&network_name={network_name}

Final server callback event structure

Remember to replace projectId with your actual Hardal project ID.

Then you can directly send this data to BigQuery or your any endpoint.

Happy server-side tracking! ✌️

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