Cookieless tracking in web2 and web3

Use Hardal for cookieless and server-side browser events in order to track user behavior on dApps and web apps in web3 and web2 analytics.

Published on November 27, 2022

Berkay Demirbas
Berkay Demirbas


Cookieless tracking is basically a type of web analytics that does not require any cookies on your browser.

This type of marketing engineering has been around for a while but it has only recently become popular with GDPR regulations. This regulation states that if an organization collects data from users using your websites, web apps, or dApps.

With cookieless tracking, companies can now keep their users’ data private by deleting it from their servers straight away instead of keeping it there for years on end. Cookieless tracking is becoming more prevalent on the internet and so marketers are relying largely on it to keep their user’s data private.

Cookieless tracking is a solution for the GDPR and cookie consent compliance problem. With the help of this technology, companies can track the user’s activity on the website without collecting any personal data.

Using a server-side technology that doesn’t use any cookies to identify or track visitors on your website. It does so by using other methods like IP address, device fingerprinting, and browser fingerprinting like 🌭Hardal for web2.

Web3 Analytics for marketing

In web3 Analytics allows marketing engineers to track the user’s journey from the first visit to the last visit, without having to place a cookie on their device while they are using your dApps.

The integration of this server-side technology can identify and track the user events on a website which does not require any third-party cookies or scripts with on-chain wallet platforms like Metamask 🦊.

Hardal also provides us with a gateway to web3 analytics by integrating wallets that use Ethereum and other platforms. It can be used to track all kinds of events on the blockchain, including user interactions with smart contracts and decentralized blockchain apps.

Marketing engineers are now able to create better marketing campaigns, and audience engineering and provide better customer experience due to this new tracking method.

Hardal also records user actions from blockchain and dApp. It helps marketers and business owners to create custom web3 audiences, generate targeted segments using custom events, and launch them with automated marketing campaigns.

Why privacy matters?

Privacy is an important issue for web3 Analytics, so they provide a cookieless solution that allows them to track users without having to store any of the data in a browser or add-ons.

Web developers and marketers need to respect the privacy of their users. However, with the advent of GDPR, this has become even more important.

This means that companies need ways to track their ads, offers, and website audiences without using cookies.

While cookieless tracking might sound like a challenging task for marketers, there are solutions that can help them with this by integrating it into their existing technology stack with ease.

Hardal web2 and web3 analytics provides a powerful solution for businesses that are using on-chain marketing tools and want to achieve compliance with GDPR regulations.

All of the analytics is done server-side, so there is no need to worry about cookies or third-party integrations.

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