Bypassing Adblockers: Enhanced marketing analytics for E-commerce

Enhancing Marketing Analytics Data Collection for E-commerce Industry by Bypassing Adblockers with Custom Domain and Server-Side Integration

Published on July 29, 2023

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Reaching the visitors who using adblockers

E-commerce companies encounter various challenges in obtaining accurate marketing analytics data, such as:

  • Adblockers blocking traditional client-side analytics scripts.
  • Reduced tracking accuracy leading to incomplete customer profiles.
  • Difficulty in attributing marketing efforts to conversions accurately.
  • The need for an efficient and scalable server-side solution to handle complex data.

Bypassing Adblockers

Hardal, leverages innovative techniques to bypass adblockers and ensure uninterrupted data collection. By adopting server-side analytics tracking, Hardal Gateway API avoids detection by adblockers, allowing seamless tracking of user interactions.

Utilizing Custom Domains

Employing custom domains for analytics tracking helps evade adblockers that rely on blacklists and pattern matching. By using unique subdomains or alternative domain structures, the gateway ensures that the tracking requests remain undetected and unaffected.

Server-Side Integration

Server-side analytics integration is implemented to securely handle sensitive user data without relying solely on client-side tracking. This approach not only bypasses adblockers but also provides a reliable and scalable solution for handling extensive e-commerce data.

Data Accuracy and Insights

By bypassing adblockers and relying on server-side analytics, Hardal provides complete and accurate marketing analytics data. E-commerce businesses now gain deep insights into customer behavior, attribution modeling, and marketing campaign performance, leading to data-driven strategies and improved ROI.

Increased Conversion Attribution:

With reliable tracking, e-commerce businesses accurately attribute conversions to the right marketing channels.

Hardal has revolutionized marketing analytics data collection for the e-commerce industry. By bypassing adblockers, adopting custom domains, and integrating server-side tracking, e-commerce businesses can now access accurate, complete, and unobtrusive marketing insights, leading to data-driven strategies and improved overall performance. As adblocker usage continues to grow, our headless solution provides a powerful advantage for businesses seeking to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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