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Dec 12, 2022


  • Report Bug/Feedback Widget:
    A new widget has been added to Hardal that allows users to report bugs or provide feedback directly from within the app.

  • Added Team Members Feature: Hardal now includes a Team Members feature, allowing users to add and manage team members for their websites.

  • Fixed Authentication issues.

  • Tracking Toggles Fix: An issue with the tracking toggles has been fixed, ensuring accurate tracking for users.

  • Referral Icons Fix: A bug causing incorrect referral icons to display has been fixed.

  • Built-in Events Enable/Disable: Users can now enable or disable built-in events, giving them greater control over the data being collected by their website.

  • Profile Section Update: The profile section of the platform has been updated to provide users with a better experience and more information.

  • Fixing Cards and Components for Responsive Mobile: Cards and components have been fixed to ensure they are responsive on mobile devices.

  • Collapse Edit and Team Member Actions: The Edit and Team Member Actions sections can now be collapsed, making it easier for users to navigate the Hardal.

    Note: This is a beta version of the Hardal, and users should expect some bugs or issues to remain. Feedback is welcome and encouraged to help improve the platform for future releases.

Sep 10, 2022

Version 1.2.2-beta

You can collect your custom events and UX metrics using pre-build event templates switching from web2 to web3.

📦 Others:

  • Export to CSV

  • Reset all dashboard stats without deleting the website

  • Encrypt Wallet IDs for security via sha256 🔐

May 2, 2022

First Release

Version 1.0.0

This is our first release about working only can only collect web2 user and UX metrics.