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Dec 12, 2022


  • Report Bug/Feedback Widget:
    A new widget has been added to Hardal that allows users to report bugs or provide feedback directly from within the app.

  • Added Team Members Feature: Hardal now includes a Team Members feature, allowing users to add and manage team members for their websites.

  • Fixed Authentication issues.

  • Tracking Toggles Fix: An issue with the tracking toggles has been fixed, ensuring accurate tracking for users.

  • Referral Icons Fix: A bug causing incorrect referral icons to display has been fixed.

  • Built-in Events Enable/Disable: Users can now enable or disable built-in events, giving them greater control over the data being collected by their website.

  • Profile Section Update: The profile section of the platform has been updated to provide users with a better experience and more information.

  • Fixing Cards and Components for Responsive Mobile: Cards and components have been fixed to ensure they are responsive on mobile devices.

  • Collapse Edit and Team Member Actions: The Edit and Team Member Actions sections can now be collapsed, making it easier for users to navigate the Hardal.

    Note: This is a beta version of the Hardal, and users should expect some bugs or issues to remain. Feedback is welcome and encouraged to help improve the platform for future releases.